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El juego está también en español.

 In this coop game the goal is get to Joseph Café before Jason does.

Every player starts at "El Morro" and after choosing who's going to be the 1st player at random; each player takes turns rolling dices and running thru the streets of San Juan trying to survive the Jason's Hideouts spaces and the Event spaces.

The first time a player ends his/her turn on Jason’s Hideout space or an Event card states an action that includes Jason, this “personaje de viernes 13”(Friday the 13th character) enters in play. Jason will play on the last turn (after the last player).

Whoever wants to can play as Jason (even your mom who hates horror films). Try to stay alive while everything on the board is depleting those important Group Points.

Every one wins if one of the players reach Joseph's Cafe. Everyone loses if Group points reaches zero or Jason gets to Joseph's Cafe before any player.

Viernes 13: Jason en San Juan ("Friday The 13th: Jason in San Juan") Board game is a fan made tribute mostly to Viernes 13, a song made by urban songwriter and singer Vico-C and Friday The 13th franchise.


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Friday the 13th: Jason in San Juan 2022 Ver ENG.zip

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