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You are you: Where the protagonist is you.

The GM should not mention to the group that they will be playing You Are You as this would cause the players to prepare in advance.   Everything must be a surprise. I suggest that the GM and players come to an agreement on what the setting will be.

"Character Creation": Since the "character" is you, write on a sheet 2 or 3 skill that you possess. No more than 3 skills.   Then take everything you have in your pockets and place it on the table. All items (eg: if you have your car keys, you have a car.) including money is what you "character" owns. Write these items on the paper. Write only what you had in your pockets; if the item was on the table before "character creation" you don't have it.

Example: My “character” is Hiram and his skills are: DIY crafts, Develop games and Photoshop. At the time of writing this part of the game I have in my pockets: Car keys (I have a car!), my wallet with $1.25 in cash and an electronic cigarette.

Conflict Resolution: There will be times when an actions has a chance of failure (climbing a mountain, jumping a fence, having an strength contest, etc.), in this case the GM assigns the chance of achieving that action with the Success Percentage (S%). This S% has to be equaled or surpassed by a roll of d% (2d10).

Beside is a suggestion table to assign the S% of an action.


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